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Nanchang lake rapid environmental protection co., LTD. Was established in science and technology2014Years,Is a subsidiary of the hunan LanTianYang engineering investment management co., LTD。 Hunan LanTianYang investment management co., LTD., founded in engineering2011Years6Month,Registered in changsha in hunan province,Paid-in capital5000Ten thousand yuan,Mainly engaged in new energy、The new industry, such as new materials and ecological agriculture development and investment of the project。Mainly focus on new energy investment in wind power、Solar energy projects,New materials mainly in the development and application of the depth of the industrial by-product gypsum。The company insists on“Do big industry,Do the professional,And stronger capital”The management idea,Rely on the steady style,One step at a time,Successively with the national electric power system、Water conservancy system, and other large state-owned enterprises and other relevant unit has established good relations of cooperation。At present, the performance has pervaded in hunan province、Xinjiang、Inner Mongolia、Guizhou and other places,Especially in the construction of wind power、Municipal engineering、Highway bridge engineering and water conservancy water electrician... ...

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